WakaWaka Base 10 Solar Power Bank, Light + Charging Kit

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The WakaWaka Base 10 is the next step in the evolution of portable solar: the ultimate all-in-one compact solar power bank for anyone on the go who can’t – or refuses to – be left without power. Perfect for modern-day explorer, the WakaWaka Base 10 has a 10,000 mA battery and also comes with two portable LED flashlights for when the sun goes down and the lights go out. After a single day in the sun, the powerful Base 10 will charge up to 3 devices at once or provide up to 240 hours of LED light.

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Product Specifications

Runtime Up to 240 hours of light
Lumen Output 40 lumens
Power Output 5V, 50W
Charging Time Average smartphone charge 4 x or 400 %
Battery Included 10,000 mAh battery

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    Company Address

  • City: New York, NY
  • Description: WakaWaka (“shine bright” in Swahili) is an award-winning social enterprise that develops, manufactures and markets the world’s most efficient solar flashlights and smartphone chargers. On a mission to share the abundant power of the sun, WakaWaka’s safe, sustainable solar products serve everyone -- from the billions seeking convenient, portable and renewable power and light to the billions who live without the luxury of a light switch. The company’s rugged, ultra-efficient solar solutions have empowered more than a million people living off-grid with life-saving, life-enhancing solar power: premium products for all markets.

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  • Product Categories: Lighting , Power
  • Company Type: For profit
  • Annual Revenue: $2,000,000 - $9,999,999
  • Office Locations: Netherlands, United States

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  • Company has experience shipping containers: Yes
  • Manufacturing Locations: China
  • Ships From: United States

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  • Total products: 10

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