Unite To Light Charger—Solar Powered Lamp with USB port

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Clean, affordable light changes everything.

Same as our Luke Light, but with a USB charging port for your cellphone. This light is bigger and much brighter than our smaller light. This means that you can use this light to charge your cell phone, kindle, and other small electronic USB rechargeable devices anywhere without an outlet.

Multi-purpose solar LED lamp with rechargeable battery. 8 hours of sunlight capture 4 hours of lamp light. 55 Lumen light lights lives. Bendable arm.

Unite To Light has already brightened the lives of hundreds of thousands around the globe.

The UTL-C was designed for people living off the grid around the world who still need to charge their phones and other electronics. We recommend you find a safe and consistently unshaded place to charge your UTL-C and place it there each night before you go to bed. That way it can start charging at first light and throughout the day. In the evening when the sun goes down, you can plug in your phone and use the light at the same time. Unplug your phone once it is charged and you should still have battery enough for lighting for hours.

WARNING: The UTL-C was not designed to charge tablets, larger phones or computers. They do charge properly, but they also drain the UTL-C battery quickly and completely and therefore do not leave much capacity left for lighting after.

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Product Specifications

Recommended for (individual, household, community) Individuals, students, children, shopkeepers, doctors, nurses, emergency relief staff
Uses Emergency medical, studying, household, shop, communication, powering small electronics
Charging Time Eight hours of sunlight capture four hours of lamp light
Battery Type 11.1Wh lithium polymer battery
Lasts at least 5-7 year, non-removable
Runtime Battery Life: 2 years of 500+ charge-discharge cycles
Lumen Output 55 Lumen White LED
Power Source Photovoltaic. Solar charger.

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We offer a one-year warranty. Get in touch with Unite to Light and let us know what happened. We will do right to light your life.
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