Unite To Light

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Santa Barbara, California, United States

Chairman of the Board

John Bowers

Company Description

It's hard to truly understand the power of light until you have none. Flip a switch and our homes glow. We can read, learn, care for our children, run our businesses. Doctors can care for sick patients. Young girls can walk to the bathroom at night without fear of what's in the darkness. We can even see each other, connect, laugh and play. UNITE TO LIGHT. Change a life. Light the world. More than a quarter of the world's population has no access to clean affordable light. That's 1.6 billion people either living in the dark or —almost worse— relying on kerosene lamps or other fossil fuels that are noxious, causing families to breathe in toxins equivalent to smoking two packs a day. These fuels are also exorbitantly expensive and a scourge on the environment. Together we can change this. And when we do, we light the world. Unite To Light is dedicated to providing low-cost solar lighting to those without electricity. Our compact solar LED lamps have already illuminated nights and lit a way to improved education, literacy and health in over 65 countries.

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Annual Revenue

$100,000 - $499,999



Office Locations

United States

Manufacturing Locations

China, United States

Ships From

United States

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