Toilets for People

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Staten Island, New York, United States


Jason Kass

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Toilets for People (TfP) is a social business that manufactures and sells open-source, easy-to-use, sustainable composting toilets to individuals and organizations seeking a hygienic sanitation solution for off-grid homes, urban slums, displaced persons camps and flood-prone communities worldwide.

TfP’s signature product - the Compact, Rotating, Aerobic, Pollution-Prevention, Excreta, Reducer, known as the Crapper - is an affordable, self-contained, waterless composting toilet that uses a proven, open-source technology to safely treat human waste.

The core of the Crapper composting toilet technology is a horizontally mounted rotating drum that sits inside a box, much like a garden composter. You pee and poop into the drum, cover with saw dust and spin once a week. Natural aerobic decomposition eliminates pathogens & foul odors while reducing the volume by 80%. Maintenance is easy by removing the plastic bin once every 2 months. The waste is buried along with ash or lye as a disinfectant and can be used as fertilizer for planting trees.

TfP can manufacture and ship our composting toilet anywhere in the USA from our Staten Island facility or a TfP team can travel to the location where the composting toilets are needed and make them using locally available materials and labor.

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For profit

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$0 - $99,000


Water & Sanitation

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United States

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United States

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United States

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Toilets for People

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