Last Updated 6/30/2016

The Level Market (“TLM”) is an online marketplace that connects suppliers of humanitarian and aid products with buyers around the world. We aim to empower buyers to make informed and timely decisions and enable suppliers to more effectively access appropriate markets for their products. TLM is highly committed to transparency and is supportive of both the suppliers and buyers who utilize our online marketplace. This Supplier Agreement outlines the terms of selling products on The Level Market. By registering as a supplier with TLM or listing your product(s) on TLM you agree to adhere to the terms of this Supplier Policy (“this Agreement”).

Who Can Sell on TLM

TLM reserves the right to select who can sell products on its website. Only corporate persons formed under the laws of its host state may sell products on TLM. No natural persons or individuals may sell products on TLM.

What Can be Sold on TLM

TLM is a unique marketplace that seeks to improve how humanitarian and aid products are bought and sold around the world. In general, any product that is relevant in the humanitarian and aid sectors can be sold through TLM. Buyers are commonly looking for products relevant to emergency/disaster relief, poverty alleviation, economic development, community development, and livelihood improvement. We aim to have a large variety of products available on TLM as buyers’ needs will vary significantly. Nonetheless, TLM is committed to ensuring the website meets our mission and values and thus reserves the right, at any time and for any reason, to refuse to allow any product to be sold through TLM at its sole discretion.

What Can't be Sold on TLM

Reselling is not allowed on TLM. Reselling refers to selling an item that you did not originally manufacture or produce and with respect to which you do not have authorization to sell from the original manufacturer or producer.

Suppliers’ Responsibilities

Suppliers are responsible for:

  • Uploading and managing all content related to their supplie

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