Shift Labs, Inc.

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Seattle, Washington, United States


Beth Kolko

Company Description

Shift Labs is a Seattle-based company committed to making uniquely simple, affordable, and durable medical devices that can be used in any setting. Our devices are FDA cleared, manufactured in the US, and are built to the highest safety and reliability standards. As a company we are committed to human-centered design, and that means we make products that prioritize user needs in order to make devices that are quick to learn and easy to use. We prototype and pilot with healthcare workers around the world who work in austere and low-resource settings to ensure maximum durability in a wide variety of environmental conditions, including high heat, humidity, and dust. We build for rugged environments that lack infrastructure or access to maintenance facilities and personnel. That means when you open a Shift Labs box, you know the product will work, regardless of where you are. Our award-winning DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor was designed to improve fluid and medication management in any setting.

Company Type

For profit

Annual Revenue

$0 - $99,000


Medical & Wellness

Office Locations

United States

Manufacturing Locations

United States

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United States

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Shift Labs, Inc.
Shift Labs, Inc.

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