Safe America Cooking Can

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Glatt Stove S.A.P.I de C.V.

The simplest stove in the world!!

The Safe America Cooking Can (SACC) is a resistant, efficient, and portable stove that cooks whatever you want wherever you are. Its liquid fuel doesn't produce smoke and it is easy to transport making it practical to recharge the stove at any time.

The SACC is easy to use and can be turned on and off in seconds. It only weighs 2 lb. giving you 2 hours of continuous smokeless fire at 608 °F with a 12 oz. charge.

It can carry more than 150 lb. and cook a pair of eggs in 3 minutes.

The compatible fuel is Denaturalized Alcohol that can be found in any hardware store, even in some regular super markets.

1 USD of every stove will go to the Safe America Foundation to support their project preserving the environment and human lives.

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Product Specifications

Fuel Type(s) Methanol
Pot Capacity 140 quarts

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Fuel Gases Composition Analysis and Thermic Capacity Determination ENG Doc - 14-10-15 23-43.docx

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