Disaster-Relief Structure for Extreme Weather

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SadieShelter HomeKits and Systems, Inc.

SadieShelter "Extreme Weather" disaster and emergency-relief structures are secure, locking, portable, light-weight, environmentally-friendly, water, fire and bullet-resistant crisis structures. They offer meaningful protection for people and animals experiencing traumatic displacement and homelessness from deadly exposure to assault, severe weather and temperatures, disease, contaminants and difficult rugged terrain. The structures comfortably accommodates between 4-6 people for 6 months to 3-5 years and can be assembled by one woman of average size within 15 minutes without tools.

The "Extreme Weather" model includes all the features of the "Standard Exterior" structures with the addition of a 2mm corrugated plastic wrap that adheres to the waxed fiberboard with industrial staples and hook and loop fastener rated 1000 lbs. per sq. inch. The addition of this plastic layer enhances the stability and rugged durability of the structure while enduring constant and severe conditions.

SadieShelter is an approved vendor for FEMA, and is certified WOSB, EDWOSB and 8(a).

Significant discounts for volume and bulk purchases. SadieShelter structures are manufactured by Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) and are all US made. Production capacity will meet demand within a timeframe pre-established and orders can be packaged and fulfilled in the buyer's chosen method and/or arrangement. Piece bulk shipping qualifies for discounts.

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Product Specifications

Material 600 PSI Compressed fire and water-resistant fiberboard stronger than pressed plywood of equal width.Corrugated plastic is durable, waterproof and malleable to difficult terrain.All materials and components 100% US made.
Capacity (# of people) SadieShelter Extreme Weather structures accommodate up to 6 people for up to 5 years of continual use in severe weather, temperatures and conditions.
Total Area (Sq ft or Sq meters) SadieShelter Extreme Weather structures total external footprint is 77"X77" or 494'sq. The internal or "living space" dimensions are 68"X68"X102"h, or 385'sq.
UNHCR standard SadieShelter structures exceed all current UNHCR disaster-relief, temporary and emergency structure and shelter standards.
Fire Resistant All SadieShelter structures are constructed with a compressed fiberboard material that has been treated with an environmentally-harmless fire resistant substance within the pulp and are double coated with fire-resistant material on all surfaces.
Waterproof SadieShelter structure fiberboard material is treated with an environmentally-harmless waterproofing treatment in pre-fab pulp as well as double waxed on all surfaces. Our corrugated plastic is waterproof and layered over surfaces.
Meets Sphere Minimum Shelter Standards SadieShelter structures comply and exceed Sphere Minimum Standards.

Supplementary Specifications

Double-Wall Insulation Space With the application of any dry material, such as paper, or soil, gravel and sand, into the 4' of double-wall insulation space, SadieShelter structures are extraordinarily capable of maintaining moderate comfortable temperatures in extreme conditions
Bulletproof Upon proper assembly and filling the double-wall insulation space with materials such as soil, sand, gravel or a mixture of these, SadieShelter walls become impenetrable to typical firearm and explosive projectiles.
Locking Solid-Core Door and Roof System SadieShelter structure doors are solid layered 4" core that locks securely from the inside or outside to reinforced stainless steel bolts.
SadieShelter structure roof systems can be locked and secured as tightly as desired in several configurations.

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