Orb Energy

Company Details

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

General Manager

BR Gururaj

Company Description

Orb Energy (“Orb”) is a leading provider of solar energy solutions. Orb's main activities are product design, manufacturing, sales, installation and servicing of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for reliable power, solar thermal systems for hot water, and solar street lighting. Orb serves both residential and commercial customers. Orb launched in India in October 2006 and has built a nation-wide network of branches to support customers and ensure quality of installation, and after-sales service. Approximately 100 branches have been established in India. Orb employs more than 500 personnel and is nearing 100,000 systems since inception. Orb also exports its systems to other high potential emerging markets such as Kenya, where it established a subsidiary in 2014. Orb's holding company is in Singapore.

Company Type

For profit

Annual Revenue

$10,000,000 +


Lighting , Power

Office Locations

India, Kenya

Manufacturing Locations


Ships From

India, Kenya

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