Mobile Solar Power Station AIDPOL® SOLAR CASE

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Mobile Solar Power Station AIDPOL® SOLAR CASE enables users to convert solar energy into electric current and utilise it in the form of either alternating current (230V) or direct current (12V). An external battery (customized size) can be connected to the device in order to allow for energy storage. The case is provided with 1500W current output (AC). Its light weight, shock and water resistance, high efficiency and wide range of possible usage options make AIDPOL® SOLAR CASE thrive in extreme conditions. The device is an optimal means of power generation. It is recommended for use in humanitarian emergencies, natural or man-made disasters, as well as in any off-grid settings, i.e. remote or inaccessible locations.

AIDPOL® SOLAR CASE can also be used for domestic energy generation purposes.

Some of the device features include:

  • A total of 4 power outlets: 2 for 220~230V and 2 for 12V,
  • Possibility to connect an external battery.

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Supplementary Specifications

Maximum Power Capacity 600W-1500W
Device Dimensions 44.5 × 34.5 × 19 cm
Device Weight 11.8 kg

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    Company Address

  • City: Warsaw
  • Description: AIDPOL Ltd. is a leading Polish company providing products and solutions to organisations involved in emergency relief and development assistance, civil defence, crisis management centres, various types of the uniformed services, medical rescue teams etc. The products presented are top-notch innovations manufactured mostly in Poland and have been successfully used, among others in Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Syria, Nepal, Ukraine. In the process of product design we use technical research, latest know-how and combine it with practical, field-based experience of our clients. We hope you can join us in our mission and look forward to be working with you very soon - - we are ready to face any challenge. We aim high. We dream big.

  • Additional Details

  • Product Categories: Lighting , Power, Cooking, Kits, Water & Sanitation, Medical & Wellness
  • Company Type: For profit
  • Annual Revenue: $500,000 - $1,999,999
  • Office Locations: Poland

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  • Manufacturing Locations: Poland
  • Ships From: Poland

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  • Total products: 10

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