LittleSun GmbH

Company Details

Berlin, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Managing Director

Felix Hallwachs


Frederik Ottesen


Olafur Eliasson

Company Description

Artist Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun is at once a line of unique solar products, a global project, a social business, a work of art, and a way to connect the world through sharing light and energy. Little Sun products are popular across the globe, both in areas with electricity as a sustainable alternative and in communities off the electrical grid. Our social business model means that every Little Sun purchased in an area of the world with electricity enables us to deliver one Little Sun to an off-grid African community at a locally affordable price.
Little Sun is currently available in over 10 African countries, including in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, and Ghana – as well as in Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the USA.
In response to the ever-worsening global refugee crisis, Little Sun has now extended its special pricing scheme to qualified humanitarian organisations. Our products are increasingly successful with refugees, IDPs and host communities in South Sudan, Nepal, Lebanon and Greece among others – as a source of reliable light and energy and as a source of pride, happiness and empowerment.
Thank you for joining Little Sun and making a global impact with us.

Company Type

For profit

Annual Revenue

$0 - $99,000


Lighting , Power

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