Lifeline Technologies Trading Ltd.

Company Details

London, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Majority shareholder

Lifeline Energy

Company Description

Lifeline Technologies, an award winning social enterprise, designs and manufactures solar and wind-up MP3 players and radios exclusively for the aid and humanitarian sector. Our range of fit-for-purpose products provides 24/7 access to information, news and education any time, anywhere. Robustly engineered to perform in harsh conditions, our products are designed specifically for the market they serve with input from end-users. Our MP3 players and radios are used widely in classrooms, clinics, community centres, and by listening groups and farming collectives. We also offer a range of power-independent portable radio-lights that provide information access, light and cell-charging for families and small groups. These are used in humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters around the world. Lifeline has a long-term arrangement with UNICEF and the wider U.N. and is an approved U.S. government supplier. Lifeline Technologies is a UK for-profit social enterprise, majority owned by Lifeline Energy, a US 501 (c) (3) charity established in 1999. Profits accrue to Lifeline Energy, in support of its charitable activities benefitting vulnerable and at-risk populations in Africa. Since 1999 around 600,000 of our products have been distributed reaching many millions of listeners. Through our close partnership with Lifeline Energy, we provide unequalled support to the humanitarian sector, with a proven track record in logistics, distribution and implementation of projects. Lifeline Energy’s 17 years’ experience in the field gives us unique insight into how best to design and distribute products for maximum impact in the market we serve. We have a deep understanding of the challenges of information access and energy poverty, and the complexity that this brings to both relief and development efforts. Lifeline provides comprehensive training support in the use and care of our products at no charge which can be arranged via Skype or in-person, depending on the project’s size

Company Type

For profit

Annual Revenue

$500,000 - $1,999,999


Mobile Technology

Office Locations

South Africa

Manufacturing Locations


Ships From

Hong Kong

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