June 25, 2018

Payment Policies for The Level Market

By registering for an account or using the products and services (collectively, the “Service”) provided by TLM (“we” “us” or “our”), you accept this agreement (“these fee policies”). Please read them carefully!

The Level Market has carefully constructed its payment policy to provide options to customers that provide for both cost savings and flexibility. Our ecommerce website is set up to take payment methods including credit cards through third party payment processors, like Stripe and Paypal and wire transfers (Please see Privacy Policy). In most cases the lowest -cost payment options outlined in this guide provide savings benefits for all parties involved: the supplier, buyer and The Level Market (TLM). There are occasions, however, where a payment method is selected for purposes beyond cost, therefore we strive to make all options available to our customers at the lowest fee possible.

Following are the inbound and outbound payment options and their associated fees:

Inbound Payment Policies

Outbound Payment Policies

Additional Payment Policies and Information

These fee policies will be made readily available on the website for both suppliers and buyers. If at any point prior to the transfer of money, a buyer wishes to cancel the order or change the payment terms, no additional fees will be incurred.