Introducing the world’s first marketplace for aid products

A one-stop-shop to cut costs and speed response to those in crisis

Golden, CO – June 14, 2016 – With lives at stake following disasters and crisis situations, the critical process of aid procurement receives a boost today with the launch of the world’s first online marketplace for humanitarian products. The once difficult nature of finding, researching, locating and purchasing life-saving products such as tents, lights, food, filters and more, is now made easy on The Level Market (TLM), a one-stop-shop for the aid industry.

“Marketplaces have been transformational for almost every industry, yet up to now, the aid world has continued with paper catalogs and mysterious practices,” said Stephanie Cox, Founder and CEO of The Level Market. “Our team of experts from the nonprofit and manufacturing sectors marched into this complex world of requirements and antiquated systems to streamline the unaccommodating purchasing methods. Our aim is to make buying a water filter for a child in Ethiopia as easy as buying a book on Amazon.”

Launching today is an ecommerce platform that lists humanitarian products across eight categories from medical to cooking supplies, and is targeted to global aid organizations from government entities to nonprofits and foundations. Upwards of $100 billion is spent each year by organizations responding to disasters (344 per year), crisis situations (e.g. 59 million refugees), and poverty alleviation (three billion live on less than $2.50 per day). An integral feature of the site is a custom quotation function that accounts for the needs of aid procurement officials.

“Whole Planet Foundation has recommended TLM to all of our microfinance partners in 70 countries who have an interest in providing these unique products to their borrowers,” said Philip Sansone, CEO at Whole Planet Foundation.  “We know of no other service that offers this selection of products."

The Level Market is launching with support from several organizations including Whole Planet Foundation, Ashoka, Acumen, and more; and with listings from 25 suppliers including NRS, Del Agua, d.light, LuminAID and more. With sales channels virtually nonexistent for many suppliers, TLM is a long-overdue platform to help them reach hard-to-find aid buyers.

“TLM is next-gen thinking in an archaic industry,” said Flynn Bucy, director of global partnerships at Envirofit. “An open, centralized platform that connects us with aid buyers will open new sales channels to speed transformative products to where they’re needed most.”

About: The Level Market is the world’s first online transactional marketplace dedicated to the $100 billion aid product industry.

Contact: (303) 882-5077

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