How TLM Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  The UN Sustainable Development Goals present an ambitious global call to action to improve living conditions[...]

Introducing Level Giving: Give More Than Charity

Crowd funding for nonprofits with a twist.  Yes we did that! There’s no doubt crowd funding has become a[...]

Sourcing Aid Supplies: 7 Featured Case Studies from The Level Market

The Level Market has helped a wide variety of customers around the globe source supplies for their humanitarian[...]

Inspired Impact Interview with Stephanie Cox

  INSPIRED IMPACT is an ongoing blog series that gives voice to social entrepreneurs and leaders of[...]

Built in Colorado: The Level Market is Revolutionizing The Humanitarian Aid Industry

Built in Colorado is a rapidly growing online community that publishes news about Colorado start up[...]

Podcast: Mike Saunders Interviews The Level Market’s Founder

Stephanie Cox is an operator and survivor. She has a proven history leading technology and consumer goods companies[...]

Solutions That Save Lives & Support Development

What better way to use the power of technology than to create solutions that save lives. Technology is on the[...]

Diginomica: The Level Market is Tech for Social Good

Reporter Cath Everett from Diginomica examines how technology is being used for social good around the world. She[...]

10 Humanitarian Engineering Schools You Should Know

Humanitarian programs at some of the top schools in the U.S. are gaining in popularity. We’ve compiled a list of[...]

Humanitarian supplies on your mobile device.

We understand the conditions aid & development professionals work in. We’re all on our mobile devices! At[...]

The Level Market’s LightBulb Moment | A Video From Our Founder

In 2015, The Level Market began building a one-stop-shop for aid & development products that could meet[...]

E-commerce Platform is One-Stop-Shop for Aid

From ____________________________________ For development practitioners in the field, one great challenge[...]

Advice for Humanitarian Entrepreneurs

The Colorado School of Mines asked me to speak to their energy entrepreneurs at its first Innovation Challenge back[...]

The Greatest Humanitarians

As a development practitioner, never once did I dream that I would be the recipient of aid. But 12 years ago, that[...]

E-Commerce startup wants to become ‘Amazon for aid’

From BusinessDen _________________________________ In the middle of the 2015 Ebola outbreak, Stephanie Cox’s[...]

Energy Tech on the Front Lines

When we get the low battery warnings on our phone or experience a power outage, that’s about the closest we[...]

New e-commerce site for humanitarian aid products

From ___________________________ The Level Market wants to make the procurement of humanitarian aid[...]

The World Needs Some Fixing.  We’re On It.

It’s launch day at The Level Market and I’d like to invite you all to take a tour.  We’ve[...]

Welcome to The Level Market

  Welcome! We’re so glad you found us and we wanted to say Hello! The Level Market represents the best in[...]

A Little Wild

Working in aid and development is a little wild. Starting a business is a little wild. And participating in this[...]

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