Emergency Floor

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Aside from being affordable, Emergency Floor is simple and intuitive to install. Emergency Floor provides a comfortable, sanitary surface that does not harbor microbial growth and can be thoroughly cleaned or easily replaced if needed.

For climates with colder winters, our floors are an incredibly effective insulator. We found that the use of Emergency Floor can reduce the use of heating fuels by about 20% or $220 / shelter (based on use in a UNHCR Family Shelter). This is because our floors help retain heat in the shelter instead of letting it get wicked away by the ground.

Additionally, we found that Emergency Floor help shelters retain heat where you want heat (in the bottom 75 cm of the shelter where families lounge and sleep). Heat obviously rises and tends to accumulate that the highest point of the shelter. Our floors help keep the heat lower in the shelter.

In long term dwelling scenarios, we know that our floors will reduce parasitic infections by about 78%, instances of diarrhea by about 49%, anemia by about 81%, as well as boost cognitive development in children by 36-96% (source). That is not to mention the increased levels of dignity and happiness.

If flooding is a concern, Emergency Floor is designed to be installed over top shipping pallets or sandbags to give families an extra 15-20 cm of distance from the ground. We have developed a custom washer that allows the floors to be secured to any substrate they choose.
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Product Specifications

Material Polypropylene
Total Area (Sq ft or Sq meters) 5.44 SF per tile
0.50 SM per tile
Fire Resistant FMVSS-302 - <4.0 in/min - Pass
Waterproof Yes

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