Hippo Water Roller

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The Original award-winning Hippo Water Roller is a 90 litre distinctive portable water innovation that enables rural communities to transport water more easily and in less time than with traditional methods.

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Product Specifications

Water & Sanitation
Recommended for (individual, household, community) Individual & household usage, as well as shared communal use on a daily basis.
Rural vs Urban Specifically designed for daily use in tough rural conditions, including uneven surfaces, gravel roads and sharp stones.
Capacity 90 liter / 24 gallons. Dimensions: Drum – 50 x 50 x 65 cm, Cap – 135mm, Handle – 2 x 70 x 100 cm

Supplementary Specifications

Durability It has a long lifespan of 5 – 10 years. The thick drum wall has no joints and is made of UV-stabilised polyethylene. The handle is ade of strong electroplated steel handle.
Maintenance Low to none maintenance costs with no need to access spare parts: The screw cap wears in – not out. No rubber seals which perish.
No spare parts required.
Designers Pettie Petzer and Johan Jonker, South Africa (1991)

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    Company Address

  • City: Johannesburg
  • Description: Hippo Roller is a social enterprise based in South Africa, which has established itself in more than two decades as a sustainable initiative that provides African communities with immediate and winning water solutions. Hippo Roller works with rural and impoverished communities to help improve access to water. Our innovation makes more water and time available for education, household tasks and food production, enabling people to transport up to 5 x more water to their homes and food gardens. To make a durable and maintenance free solution for daily use in tough rural terrain is costly. We provide social investment and fundraising opportunities for NGO’s, government, corporations, and individuals to purchase Hippo Water Rollers for those who need them most, but typically cannot afford them.We distribute our solutions to water-scarce communities through strategic working relationships with NGOs, with financial backing by corporate sponsors and donor funding. The broad social impact of this social enterprise has been felt in more than 20 countries, with a total distribution of more than 50,000 Hippo Water Rollers, and a reach of close to half a million people.

  • Additional Details

  • Product Categories: Water & Sanitation, Medical & Wellness
  • Company Type: For profit
  • Annual Revenue: $100,000 - $499,999
  • Office Locations: South Africa

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  • Company has experience shipping containers: Yes
  • Manufacturing Locations: South Africa
  • Ships From: South Africa

  • Total sales: 0
  • Total products: 1

A 1 year warranty from date of order apply to verified manufacturing defects.

* Returns are only accepted within 1 year of order creation and only apply to verified manufacturing defects. * To be eligible for a return, the item must be verified to contain manufacturing defects. Verification is done via email before return, supported by photos. * In the event of a return due to a Hippo Roller manufacturing fault, Hippo Roller will cover the cost of a replacement unit plus the return shipping fees incurred. * To book in a return please contact us.
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