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Greenwich, Aberdeen, United Kingdom

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Freeplay is the original inventor of the wind-up radio which was used to halt the spread of AIDS in Africa. Today, we design and produce a range of products built to exacting standards which generate energy and light, enable communications and promote the development of local economies by utilising innovative solar and dynamo technology. All of our radios, and all of our lighting products and solar home systems incorporate dedicated or emergency mobile phone charging.
Freeplay’s mission is to help improve the lives of the energy impoverished. Our products enable the world’s poorest people to have access to clean, renewable power. We act as a brand with a conscience at all times.
By providing access to information about health and agricultural best practice, civil security and emergency preparedness, and by facilitating communication and the sharing of experiences within and between communities, Freeplay’s products continue to play an important role in enabling citizens to break the poverty cycle and build a successful, productive and sustainable future.
We are long term suppliers to the UN and respond to requests from a broad range of international organisations. Our products play an integral role in a diverse range of aid and development, disaster relief, emergency preparedness projects around the world.

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For profit

Annual Revenue

$0 - $99,000


Mobile Technology , Power, Lighting

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United Kingdom

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China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States

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Freeplay Energy Ltd
Freeplay Energy Ltd
Freeplay Energy Ltd
Freeplay Energy Ltd

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