Fenix ReadySet Home Starter Kit

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The Fenix ReadySet Home Starter Kit is a small home solar system designed for off-grid households currently relying on kerosene and candles. With a solar panel combined with a battery and a variety of accessories, families gain access to clean, bright LED lights, phone charging, and power for small appliances. The battery system is engineered to thrive in harsh conditions, and its microcontroller works in concert with patented firmware to protect itself from high temperatures, overloads, and short circuits. Intelligent electronic prevent deep discharge and preserve battery life. ReadySet's smart, rugged, and user-friendly design makes it easy for anyone to use and maintain: simply place the panel in the sun, plug the panel into the battery, and light up a home, charge a phone, or power a radio.  

On The Level Market, the ReadySet Home Starter Kit contains:

• 10 Watt solar panel

• 40 Watt-hour battery

• 3 ultra bright LED lights

• Phone charging cable with multiple tips

• Nokia big pin charging cable

• 3-way splitter for CLA adapter

• ReadyRadio with built-in torch

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Product Specifications

Charging Time 8 hours
Battery Type Lithium iron phosphate battery
Lumen Output 220 lumens total from three LED light strips
Power Source Varies depending on use case, but an example daily use case would be 3 lights for 4 hours + 5 hours radio + charge 1 phone
Recommended for (individual, household, community) Individual or household use
Uses Lighting, phone charging, powering small appliances
Watts 10 Watt-peak solar panel
Power Output 3.3 amp maximum
Portability Total kit weight approximately 9 pounds
Battery Included 12.8V, 1700 mAh lithium iron phosphate battery

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