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Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


Owen Reading


Greg Storey

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Eyejusters manufactures glasses with self-adjustable lenses.

Due to a lack of trained opticians, over 600 million people (WHO estimate) in developing countries and emergency zones do not have access to the glasses they need to see clearly. This lifelong burden causes otherwise healthy adults to depend on others for support. With clear vision, people could (re)build their homes, provide in their own livelihoods and lead saver and more fulfilled lives.

Self-adjustable glasses improve access vision correction and offer a cost-effective solution. Eyejusters can be dispensed effectively after a short training, while usage of the glasses is easily learned by people of any level of literacy. Simply turn the hidden dials to adjust each lens independently, until you see clearly. Users can also re-adjust the lenses, when their vision needs change over time and even share the glasses if applicable.

Eyejusters offer a small range of normal, stylish frames. Our lens units are durable: the lenses have an Anti-Scratch coating and the lens mechanism is sealed against moisture and dust. The glasses are sold with a hard case and cleaning cloth to help keep them in good condition.

There are two versions of Eyejusters:
+ positive power range for correction of near vision (long-sightedness; reading glasses for presbyopia).
- negative power range for correction of distant vision (short-sightedness)
The lens units are produced in the UK. The same technology and lens precision is applied worldwide.

Eyejusters can be successfully distributed alongside many existing operations, like education, economic development and medical outreach work. There is also potential for distribution by commercial resellers.

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For profit

Annual Revenue

$0 - $99,000


Kits, Medical & Wellness

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United Kingdom

Manufacturing Locations

United Kingdom

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United Kingdom, United States

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