Edesia, Inc.

Company Details

North Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States

Founder/ CEO

Navyn Salem

Executive Director

Maria Kasparian

Company Description

Edesia is a unique non-profit organization that manufactures specialized ready-to-use foods (RUFs) that treat and prevent malnutrition in the world’s most vulnerable populations. Our Mandates1.) Produce high-quality ready-to-use foods (currently Plumpy'Nut (RUTF) ®, Plumpy'Sup (RUSF) ™, Plumpy'Doz™, Enov'Nutributter®, Enov'Mum®) for humanitarian organizations and non-profits.2.) Collaborate on research and development to improve distribution systems and optimize the use of ready-to-use Foods.3.) Support local producers of ready-to-use foods in the developing world.4.) Engage in educational efforts and direct advocacy to raise the profile of global malnutrition in the United States.Each year millions of "miracle packets" leave Edesia’s Rhode Island factory and are delivered into the hands of malnourished children all over the world by humanitarian aid workers working in the hardest-to-reach and most inhospitable places on the planet.

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Annual Revenue

$10,000,000 +


Medical & Wellness

Office Locations

United States

Manufacturing Locations

United States

Ships From

United States

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Edesia, Inc.
Edesia, Inc.
Edesia, Inc.
Edesia, Inc.

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