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Nairobi, Alabama, United States

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EcoZoom is a social enterprise and certified B Corporation that makes clean burning, portable wood and charcoal powered cookstoves. We believe cooking should be healthy, efficient and ecofriendly for cooks around the globe. Billions of people in developing countries do not have access to electricity and gas. They cook with biomass and often on unhealthy and inefficient fires. Women spend hours daily gathering fuel which excludes them from other activities. Families can spend up to 30% of their monthly income on fuel, forcing them into energy poverty. Environmentally, fuel production contributes significantly to deforestation. EcoZoom cookstoves offer a solution that is healthy, efficient and eco-friendly! We are currently selling our stoves in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia and South Africa. Other countries include Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and India. In developed countries our stoves are perfect for outdoor cooking, camping and for emergencies. Unlike other outdoor cooking methods, our stoves don't rely on gas fuel or lengthy preparation. They use firewood, charcoal or solid biomass and have a lifetime of more than 5 years. Fuel efficient, durable and safe to use; we currently sell in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Japan and South Korea. At EcoZoom we believe that all people should have access to beautifully designed products that will improve their health, income and environment. EcoZoom stoves reduce smoke emissions by up to 70% while reducing fuel usage by up to 60%. We work with NGOs, governments, aid organizations and local businesses and entrepreneurs who want to put stoves into the hands of people who need them.

Company Type

For profit

Annual Revenue

$500,000 - $1,999,999


Lighting , Cooking

Office Locations

Kenya, United States

Manufacturing Locations

China, United States

Ships From

China, United States

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