Heels in the Mud

Being a woman-led organization makes us no different than any other company. Or does it? I often use the term[...]

Getting You Ready to Sell

We’re beta testing with our first suppliers and soon to welcome many more! Here’s what you need in order to[...]

We’re Gonna Be There

The images of the families ripped apart, desperate and crying during this refugee crisis haunt us. The fact that[...]

AIDF – A Heavy Room

Sitting in a room of humanitarians during the recent Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF), the weight of[...]

A Migrant’s Essentials

On August 25th, the New York Times wrote a compelling piece about the refugees flooding into the Balkans:  A[...]

E-commerce World

It’s undeniable that we live in e-commerce in the developed world. To travel, we book tickets online. To find[...]

What We Confirmed and Learned

The aim of The Level Market’s work right now is to build a site iteratively and incrementally with our[...]

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