Aquatainer 20L Collapsible

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Key Features

  • ICRC/IFRC Standard
  • Collapsible 20L water container with tap, handle for carrying, and for clean drinking water storage
  • UV-stabilized & impact-resistant
  • Can withstand temperatures between -20C to +50C
  • Manufactured from food grade low density polyethylene (LDPE) without toxic elements according to EN 1186-3-9 standard

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Product Specifications

Pot Capacity Collapsible 20L water container with handle for carrying and storing clean drinking water, with or without spigot
Thermal Efficiency (%) Can withstand temperatures between -20C to +50C
Material Manufactured food grade low density polyethylene (LDPE) without toxic elements according to EN 1186-3-9 standards.

Supplementary Specifications

Drop resistance A full collapsible water container resists drops on hard surface from a 2.50 meter height. It will not be damaged or be leaking.
Temperature It can withstands -20 C to + 50 C.
Weight The weight of one aquatainer is between 265 and 275 gram.

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    Company Address

  • City: Dubai
  • Description: NRS International is a family-run company that develops and manufactures products to the humanitarian aid, public health and development sectors. Responding to the growing demands of vulnerable populations, we aim to improve the everyday lives of people in need through providing cost-effective aid essentials. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a global humanitarian hub, we are the parent company to three subsidiaries: 1. NRS Relief offers core relief items and multi-purpose shelters for the humanitarian community. 2. TANA Netting manufactures high quality, WHOPES-recommended DawaPlus® 2.0 insecticide treated nets as a tool for malaria control and prevention. 3. Flexiway Solar Solutions provides fit-for-purpose solar products for both the humanitarian and development sectors.

  • Additional Details

  • Product Categories: Lighting , Power, Cooking, Kits, Water & Sanitation, Shelter
  • Company Type: For profit
  • Annual Revenue: $10,000,000 +
  • Office Locations: Pakistan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States

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  • Manufacturing Locations: Pakistan, United States
  • Ships From: Pakistan, United Arab Emirates

  • Total sales: 0
  • Total products: 15

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Pakistan, United Arab Emirates

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