Adult Single Cardboard Bed

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Colorado Cardboard Solutions LLC

Pop-up Design

Lightweight and bundled requiring less storage space

16"H x 20"W x 76"L

Fits heights up to 6'3"

Weight: 12 lb

Supports up to 400 lb

Double Wall Cardboard Construction

100% biodegradable and recyclable

Cardboard furniture is functional and a less expensive alternative to traditional temporary furniture. Our furniture is designed to hold a great deal of weight, help get people off the ground, and give them the basic necessities of daily living. Beds and chairs can be bundled and air dropped to the most remote areas in need when vehicles and other modes of transportation are not available and because our furniture is biodegradable and recyclable it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cots and chairs which can take up to 200 years to decompose in a landfill!

Cardboard beds are also beneficial for epidemic control (such as Ebola). The CDC recommends incineration or burying items 7 feet that have come in contact with the virus to avoid the spread of the disease. Because our beds can be burned in an incinerator or buried without taking 200 years to decompose, cardboard is an excellent solution for containment of the disease. Rather than trying to sterilize cots after each patient, cardboard beds could be burned and a new one provided for the next patient. In remote areas, cardboard furniture could be burned without the use of an incinerator since there are no toxic fumes associated with cardboard and it would prevent having to transport beds or chairs to an incinerator, which increases the risk of spreading the disease.

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Product Specifications

Material Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard (51 ECT)
Capacity (# of people) 1 person

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