ACE 1 Solar Biomass Energy System

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African Clean Energy

The ACE 1 is an advanced cookstove which reduces smoke emissions to negligible levels. The ACE 1 is among the most high-tech stoves currently available, providing cleaner energy than the vast majority of products on the market. The ACE 1 also offers nano-grid solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting, making it an integrated energy solution for off-grid communities. The ACE 1 has been independently tested to IWA-ISO standards, receiving a tier 3 rating for emissions, indoor emissions and efficiency, and receiving a tier 4 safety rating.

Key Features

-20 to 30 hours of smokeless cooking on a single battery charge

-Durable construction with an estimated lifespan of 8-12 years

-Efficient combustion reduces fuel use by 50%

-USB and DC ports

-Solar panel and LED light attachment included

How it works

Solid biomass (wood, twigs, dung, crop residues, etc.) is placed into the burning chamber and lit. A fan blows oxygen into the chamber through holes at both the bottom and the top. This drives the fire to increase in temperature until it reaches approximately 1000°C. These conditions cause the biomass to gasify. Then the hot gas floats up to the top, meeting more oxygen and combusting completely. The fan is powered by a solar-charged battery, which can also be used to power small devices (such as LED lights or mobile phones) via the unit's USB and DC ports.

Technical Specifications

Construction: Stainless steel body, refractory ceramic burning chamber

Dimensions: 33cm x 33cm x 35cm

Weight: 4.6kg

Battery: LiFePO4 6.4V / 5Ah

Fuel: Any solid biomass

Heat output: max 4-5kW, min 2-3kW

Solar panel: 9V / 5W unregulated (regulator integrated into stove body)

LED attachment: 100 lumens

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Product Specifications

Lumen Output LED attachment: 100 lumens
Power Source Solar panel: 9V / 5W
Fuel Type(s) Any solid biomass
Thermal Efficiency (%) 41.5%
Indoor Carbon Emissions (g/minute) high power: 0.023 g/min (tier 4)
low power: 0.075 g/min (tier 4)
Indoor Particulate Matter 2.5 (mg/minute) high power: 7.91 mg/min (tier 3)
low power: 3.31 mg/min (tier 3)
Outdoor Carbon Emissions (g/minute) 0.019 g/min/l (tier 4)
Outdoor Particulate Matter 2.5 (mg/minute) 0.84 mg/min/l (tier 4)
Power Output Battery: 4.6v / 5Ah
Stove: max 4-5kW, min 2-3kW
Portability 4.6kg, handles for portability.
Battery Included LiFePO4 6.4V / 5Ah

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Product Certifications

Name Document
Member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves


Name Description Document
IWA-ISO Tiers of Performance Test Results Internationally recognised standard for improved cookstove performance IWA Report ACE-1 Cookstove.pdf

Third party tests

Name Website Document
IWA-ISO Tiers of Performance Test Results IWA Report ACE-1 Cookstove.pdf
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