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How it Works

The worlds first online marketplace for relief and development products

Find what you need fast in our large database of products. We provide multiple search tools and guarantee you’ll find innovations you didn’t know existed.


Conduct side-by-side comparisons, review specs, certifications and suppliers. Our comparison charts can save you time and money.


Transactions happen here! Whether you purchase units or quantities through our shopping cart or use our quote system, we streamline the payment process so products get deployed faster.

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Where E-Commerce Serves Humanity

Our mission is to make purchasing a water filter for a child in Ethiopia as easy as it is to buy a book from Amazon. We'll achieve this by providing a one-stop-shop for aid and humanitarian supplies.

Whether your needs are for tents following an earthquake in South Asia, or cookstoves for a women’s empowerment program in Kenya, The Level Market is here to connect buyers with suppliers for efficient transactions and delivery. Helping you to help those in need is our goal.

During our time on the ground in more than 20 countries, including conflict zones and impoverished nations, we experienced the difficulties of sourcing and purchasing quality products. The resources required from ordering through delivery was burdensome and sometimes impossible. Our team is composed of buyers and suppliers from the humanitarian world who have come together with a clear understanding that ecommerce can transform and boost aid and development, just as it's done for other industries. We created the world's first open, online, transactional platform to help streamline the deployment of products to those that need them most. We will continuously add products to our growing site along with the latest in ecommerce technology.

For suppliers and innovators of products for use in crises and poverty alleviation, we provide a new, direct sales channel to their target audience. Some of our suppliers have told us that innovating life-saving products seemed like the easy part when faced with the challenge of identifying and reaching the right buyers. Our comparison tools and review process are first-of-a-kind and will promote quality, value and assurance that the best products are matched with the need at hand.

Buyers visiting The Level Market will experience an up-to-date process for finding and purchasing products that fit their needs. Searching categories and supplier lists will enable onsite transactions as well as negotiations on pricing, availability and shipping options for delivery anywhere in the world. What was once a daunting, tedious task is now streamlined so that deliveries of life-saving goods can happen in terms of days and weeks, not months and years (yes, that happens).

Unfortunately, the rate of natural disasters is increasing, poverty is still prevalent and man-made crises are on the rise. Thankfully, humanitarian engineering and technology innovation is also on the rise as embodied in The Level Market's robust platform that provides a bustling marketplace that seamlessly connects suppliers and buyers.


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Our Team

The team behind The Level Market
Stephanie has a 17-year history leading technology and consumer goods companies in conflict zones and emerging markets spanning food security, water and sanitation, clean tech and micro finance sectors. She brings years of innovation and execution in distribution and commercialization of simple technologies specifically designed to address the needs of small-holder farmers living in poverty around the world. With field work in more than 20 countries and as a survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami, she’s witnessed the plight of those living in poverty and suffering from disasters. Nearly two years ago Stephanie had an epiphany: just as e-commerce has transformed global markets, the aid world needed to be brought into the 21st century with the power of a new platform.
Stephanie Cox
Founder and CEO
Startup strategist and marketing executive in international settings for more than 30 years. Past positions include VP and Executive Board member at Pioneer Electronics and Co-Founder of World Panel. Committed to social entrepreneurship, she serves as a mentor in several Boulder-based accelerators and is a past professor at Metro State University. Launching a portable solar product into the African market provided the motivation to create a platform to showcase innovations and channel products to where they’re needed.
Cheryl Gordon
Founding Partner
James’s technical career spans 25 years, from early involvements with the birth of the internet and e-commerce to an SaaS disaster relief NGO. He was instrumental in building Neodata’s internet ordering site, and later built the largest online catalog for the aftermarket parts market. He excels at building and motivating teams for rapid deployment of products, is successful in securing strategic funding and speaks regularly at national events and conferences.
James Barry
CTO Advisor


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Although we are not currently hiring, we will be soon! If you are interested in joining our fun, dedicated team of startup professionals, please send us your resume. We'd love to hear from you at info@thelevelmarket.com


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