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We're on a mission to get aid and relief supplies to those in need quickly and efficiently. Our vision is to become the 'Amazon of Aid' - where buying water filters for kids in Ethiopia is as easy as buying books on Amazon.  In 2015, we began building an e-procurement marketplace for emergency preparedness, relief and development products that meet humanity's needs. Just as e-commerce has transformed every other industry, the aid world needs to be brought into the 21st century with the power of a new platform! What makes us different? Here you are able to to purchase in bulk, speak with suppliers, and get international shipping quotes for your supply needs. We also link you to Amazon for single unit orders if that's what you need too! 

But our story doesn't stop there. When disaster after disaster took place in 2017 from Hurricane Harvey to Puerto Rico, there were millions in need of supplies and millions wanting to help in a concrete way. Team TLM was frustrated, infuriated and felt a bit helpless. And then we had our ah-ha moment. With our e-commerce platform already loaded up with preparedness and relief supplies, why not allow nonprofits to post the supplies they've determined they need to help people in the form of crowdfunding campaigns. So we built a feature called Level Giving. Whether the supplies are for a preparedness program, a development initiative to help those in poverty or for disaster response,  we can help get them deployed in a transparent and cost effective way. 

Unfortunately, the rate of natural disasters is increasing, poverty is still prevalent and man-made crises are on the rise.  As a custom e-procurement marketplace, we offer everything from tents to reusable sanitary pads that will bring any preparedness, relief effort or entrepreneurial program to life. Let us know what you think!

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Our Team

The team behind The Level Market
Stephanie has a 17-year history leading technology and consumer goods companies in conflict zones and emerging markets spanning food security, water and sanitation, clean tech and micro finance sectors. She brings years of innovation and execution in distribution and commercialization of simple technologies specifically designed to address the needs of small-holder farmers living in poverty around the world. With field work in more than 20 countries and as a survivor of the 2004 Asian tsunami, she’s witnessed the plight of those living in poverty and suffering from disasters. Nearly two years ago Stephanie had an epiphany: just as e-commerce has transformed global markets, the aid world needed to be brought into the 21st century with the power of a new platform. In 2016, Stephanie was named Everyday Tech Hero by the Nominet Trust 100.
Stephanie Cox
Founder and CEO
Strategic leader with expertise in operations and international development with a focus on public health. While living and working in Dhaka, she executed a number of successful development projects for the Government of Bangladesh. Prior to The Level Market, Faseeha worked with nonprofits in the UK and US, bringing years of experience in operations, communications, and relationship management. Faseeha has a M.A. in International Development: Poverty, Conflict, and Reconstruction from IDPM at the University of Manchester and an MPH Certificate from the University of Colorado. Graduate of the Founder Gym program.
Faseeha Khan-Jensen
Startup strategist and marketing executive in international settings for more than 30 years. Past positions include VP and Executive Board member at Pioneer Electronics and Co-Founder of World Panel. Committed to social entrepreneurship, she serves as a mentor in several Boulder-based accelerators and is a past professor at Metro State University. Launching a portable solar product into the African market provided the motivation to create a platform to showcase innovations and channel products to where they’re needed.
Cheryl Gordon
Founding Partner


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Although we are not currently hiring, we will be soon! If you are interested in joining our fun, dedicated team of startup professionals, please send us your resume. We'd love to hear from you at info@thelevelmarket.com


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